Welfare – Food & Medication

Cattery 365 Bedfordshire strives to offer your cat with the ultimate boarding experience. This includes quality meals and some of the finest grooming. If your cats have specific dietary necessities or need to take medication, you can count on Cattery 365 to handle everything.

From hair trimming and clipping to dining in style, your furry friend will be treated like royalty every time they stay with us. We will take care of every food and medication needs of your feline friend. Below are some of the things we offer to them.

Hygiene & Care

We are glad to adjust meals at your request or offer any medication or special foods given by you. Directing of medication and/or supplied food might be subject to a slight surcharge.

We recommend that owner-supplied food should be portioned. It must be labelled along with the name of your pet, and it must be marked either Tea or Breakfast.

Cattery 365 Bedfordshire suggests using clip lock bags with the correct portion of every meal.

Everybody goes outside after dinner for some play and toilet break before getting undisturbed and bedding down for the evening.

That will help in sustaining a high standard of cleanliness and have happy guests.


Every cat should be vaccinated regularly against feline enteritis and flu.

A current vaccination certificate from your veterinarian will be needed when your feline is boarded.

Every cat should have a current flea control and be wormed.

Vet Treatment

If your cat requires treatment while in our care, we will get in touch with our local vet.

In case the condition is serious, the vet of your cat will be phoned before treatment is performed.

When possible, we recommend leaving contact information with us where you can be phoned if needed.


Cattery 365 caters for the fussiest of eaters. Nonetheless, we do keep in stock a lot of varieties of dry food and tin food and even fresh meat as well.

Here at Cattery 365, we offer all the supplies required for your cat boarding. This includes bedding, litter pans, dry food and more. Of course, you’re more than welcome to carry your own supplies too.

Do you have a cat with special needs?

We can also modify our services to meet the needs of your cat.